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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Deep Dish "Bewitched History Book" giveaway!

The Deep Dish: Groovy Gay Pop Culture blog is giving away a free copy of The Bewitched History Book this week in honor of the premiere of the show 48 years ago on September 17!

The Deep Dish: Groovy Gay Pop Culture

Please be aware that there may be adult related content on the blog that is only suitable for adults.

But thank you Deep Dish for featuring my book!

Interview in the Salt Lake Tribune/RIP William Asher

I really should've posted this when it happened, but I'm really bad at keeping up on the blog because I'm always just updating the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bewitchedhistorybook).

However, my interview with Scott Pierce of the Salt Lake Tribune was published July 17, 2012, which also happened to be the same day that William Asher, the director of the show and Elizabeth Montgomery's third husband and father of her children, passed away.

You can still read it in the Salt Lake Tribune archives:

Utah Man "Bewitched" By Classic TV Sitcom by Scott D. Pierce

And RIP William Asher, seen here with me in 2008 at the Bewitched Fan Fare in Los Angeles. Such an honor to have met him!


As it's back to school time I thought I would have a test...well, really a CON-TEST (without any actual cons)!!

This is mainly for you readers who have read at least some of The Bewitched History Book, enough to at least have any idea of how and what I wrote. Please pick up your #2 pencils, and then lay them down to get on your computer and pop on over to Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and/or BearManorMedia.com and write at least a two sentence review of the book! Once you have done so please either post a link to the review at www.facebook.com/bewitchedhistorybook or email it to bewitchedhistorybook@gmail.com. You will be entered to win every school kid's dream of a lunchbox, the 2001 Vandor Bewitched dome lunchbox! This metal beauty features graphics from the opening cartoon of the show, as well as a beautiful picture of Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha on one side! Great for taking your sandwich, chips, and cookies in to school!

The official rules are over at www.facebook.com/bewitchedhistorybook in the notes. The contest ends September 17, 2012 11 PM MST.