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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bewitched Stars Are Excited!

Mere hours after I had spread the word about the book then I started receiving messages from Bewitched alumni! How awesome that these people, some of which had very minor roles on the show, are excited about it!

Gary Richard was a 19 year old student in Salem, MA in 1970 when the cast and crew of the show went to film some episodes. He was chosen to play Dick Sargent and Robert Brown's stand-in as the Fisherman Memorial statue. Here is what he said:

"Hey David...of course I need to ask if the Salem episodes and yours truly are in it, lol!!! Congrats!"

I replied, "Gary, you silly statue, of course you're in it! Finding you was one of the biggest events in recent Bewitched history" to which he responded, "Awesome! I look forward to getting a signed copy, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help :-)"

Heather Woodruff Perry was in three episodes in the Third Season as Durwood's secretary Betty and I met her in 2008 at the Bewitched Fanfare. She is truly a wonderful person and I'm so blessed to know her. Here's what she said:

"David, I'm soooo PROUD of YOU!......I am also working this year on the 427 page, Agnes Moorehead book, which I will also be Producing and Acting......Yea BEWITCHED! xx"

And, last, but not least, Erin Murphy who played witch baby Tabitha for six seasons just told me today on Twitter: "Congratulations! EM"

This is all so cool!

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