Updates about the highly rated The Omni-Directional Three-Dimensional Vectoring Paper Printed Omnibus for Bewitched Analysis a.k.a. The Bewitched History Book written by David L. Pierce about the history of Bewitched including episode reiterations, trivia, and reviews as well as historical events surrounding those episodes.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The book mentioned on 97.1ZHT Morning Zoo!:)

Click on the link above, and you'll hear the mention at about 36:00.

I have had a long time relationship with the Zoo which started in 2008 when they had the topic of stuff you collect that other people don't get. Of course, I mentioned my Bewitched memorabilia collection in an email and I was asked to call into the show. Later on I went in-studio with some of my stuff and had a really good time. Anytime anything Bewitched related happens in the Hollywood Sleaze, I'm mentioned. It's awesome when your friends tell you they heard me being spoken about on the radio.

Thanks Frankie, DB, and Jessica!

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