Updates about the highly rated The Omni-Directional Three-Dimensional Vectoring Paper Printed Omnibus for Bewitched Analysis a.k.a. The Bewitched History Book written by David L. Pierce about the history of Bewitched including episode reiterations, trivia, and reviews as well as historical events surrounding those episodes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where can the book be purchased?

A fan from Australia posed this question, which tickled me as we're still possibly four months away from the release, but it is a great question!

Anyway, for those that are curious, I do know that one place will be bearmanormedia.com, however, that will only work for you fans in the United States.

But don't fear, those of you in places as far away as Oz, according to BearManor Media, you will be able to order the book on Amazon.com!

Stay tuned, as the minute I see a link up for a pre-order, it will definitely be announced here!

I'm also going to see about having it available in brick and mortar stores but I will have more information about that later.

And thank you all for your support!

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