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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paula Abdul's connection to Bewitched

My book would not be in the process of being published had it not been for pop princess and X Factor judge, Paula Abdul. It was she who pushed all her fans to work on their goals in the Fall of 2010 which is why I decided to give the book a go and submit it.

It may be that I go looking for it, but Paula has some pretty strong ties to the show which I'd like to present here.

Her second album was entitled Spellbound, a term often used in reference to witchcraft. But even more so, on the cover, Paula looked very much like Samantha's sexy cousin, Serena with short raven hair and a feather boa. In fact, as part of the publicity for the album, Paula did a photo shoot where she looks just like Serena in "Darrin Goes Ape."

One of the chart topping singles from Spellbound was "Blowing Kisses in the Wind." On Bewitched, Serena writes a song entitled "I'll Blow You a Kiss in the Wind" from "Serena Stops the Show."

Just as several celebrities (i.e. Willie Mays, Steve McQueen) were warlocks on Bewitched, Paula "proved" her witch-hood during her Under My Spell tour when she would fly up from the stage. A little later, during a benefit concert for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation (Elizabeth Montgomery was a big champion for AIDS education) called For Our Children, Paula magically appeared on the stage.

In the mid part of the last decade Paula released an exercise DVD program called Cardio-Cheer which was filmed at the Warner Brothers Studio Ranch out in the park and in the street. This was the same place that the outdoor scenes of Bewitched were filmed and there are times you can see the Bewitched house, like you can in this screen cap behind her.

Just recently Paula had an estate sale and Erin Murphy attended it and Tweeted that she was surprised to find that she and Paula wear the same size, so now Tabitha is wearing some of Paula's clothes!

I'll be forever grateful to her for being so inspiring, especially inspiring me to go after my dreams. You can follow Paula on Twitter @PaulaAbdul.

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